Wellness Goals

I’ve really enjoyed the wellness challenge and I’m looking forward to leading a healthier lifestyle because of it. I have to be completely honest, I didn’t love everything in the wellness challenge, set workouts definitely aren’t my thing and I wasn’t feeling the yoga. I was surprised at how effective the breathing exercises were and how much I enjoyed the stretching. Wellness goal’s I have set for myself moving forward…


  1. Say a positive mantra often.
  2. Go to bed earlier.
  3. Practice gratitude daily.


  1. Do pelvic floor exercises often.
  2. Get moving every single day.
  3. Increase incidental exercise.


  1. Drink a minimum of 2L (or more) of water every day.
  2. Make healthier food choices.
  3. Limit caffeine and no coffee after 12pm.
  4. Healthy snacking.
  5. Consciously consume probiotics.

xxx That Gypsy Mum xxx