Wellness challenge

Wellness Challenge: Week 7

This week our focus is on laughing, HIIT & Good fats.


You’ve heard the saying ‘If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’, well this week we are going to laugh! It’s no secret that I love to laugh but I’ve been a little uptight this pregnancy. I’m going to make an effort to smile more and complain less this week. The challenge this week is to ‘laugh it off’. If you are feeling stressed or sad or anxious or defensive, try to find the humour in a situation.


I enjoyed stretching last week and I can’t believe how inflexible I’ve become! This week we are going to step it up a bit. We are going to try High Intensity Interval Training. I’m now 22 weeks pregnant so I can’t go crazy with this one. Basically I am going to do short bursts of exercise with a rest period in-between. I’m going to aim for 10 minutes a day so that’s:

  • 1 minute burst: 2 minute break
  • 1 minute burst: 2 minute break
  • 1 minute burst: 2 minute break
  • 1 minute burst: finish

If you’re stuck for ideas then search ‘HIIT for beginners’ on Youtube and find something that works for you. I recommend consulting a women’s health physio before commencing exercise whilst pregnant or post baby.


This week’s nutrition challenge is to make the switch from unhealthy fats to good fats! Try swapping butter for avocado or canola oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). If you’re confused about fats and whether coconut oil is good for you then see Sarah Moore’s post on Coconut oil vs Olive oil.


  1. Say a positive mantra often.
  2. Do pelvic floor exercises regularly.
  3. Drink a minimum of 2L (or more) of water every day.
  4. Make healthier food choices.
  5. Practice breathing & mindfulness.
  6. Eat more vegetables.
  7. Go to bed earlier.
  8. Get moving every single day.
  9. Cut back on caffeine. No caffeine after 12pm.
  10. Brittany Noonan workout.
  11. Practice gratitude daily.
  12. Switch from white to wholegrains.
  13. Meditate for 5 minutes each day.
  14. Stretch every morning.
  15. Consciously consume probiotics.
  16. Laugh it off.
  17. HIIT exercise (aim for 10 minutes per day).
  18. Switch from unhealthy fats to healthy fats.

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xxx That Gypsy Mum xxx