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That time I was an accidental drug trafficker

Quite a few years ago I was in Thailand and had the worst flu of my life. An all-nighter at a full moon party didn’t help much either so when fever set in I went to the chemist for something to help me sleep. A box hidden in another box was retrieved from the back of a bottom shelf and I was given a clear bag with blue pills. I nervously asked what they were and was told Valium. I yelled out to my friend outside ‘should I get Valium?’ and she yelled back ‘if you can get it’ so I bought them and boy did I have a great sleep! I never knew that I was going to become an accidental drug trafficker. 

accidental drug trafficker

When it was time to leave Thailand, I thought I would pop a couple of Valium for the flight home which wasn’t the smartest thing to do because I was completely out of it but my friend took care of me and it was the quickest plane trip of my life. I arrived at Perth airport still in-a-grog and remembered that I had a couple of Valium somewhere in my bag. Not wanting to be arrested for drug importation I decided to answer yes to the question asking if you have any illegal drugs. I went through passport control with my travel card and the man looked at me in shock confirming I had meant to circle the illegal drugs part. Yes I stated, still a bit out of it. He asked me what illegal drugs I had and I told him Valium but I didn’t have a script. He said he was going to call his supervisor because no one had ever circled yes before. He closed his counter and I was escorted straight to customs.

The supervisor and the passport control man just looked at the blue pills and asked about the packaging. I said it came like that and then I started to get nervous. I suddenly worried they could be something else and I could get in real trouble here. Why didn’t I throw them in the customs bin when I got off the plane? (Secretly I was hoping to keep them). They called their drug expert who looked at them and asked me what they were. I explained how I bought them in Thailand and he laughed asking if they worked and I said yes and then we all laughed together. I’m not sure if they were laughing with me or at me but they said they would confiscate them and I was ushered through in record time. Talk about VIP treatment.