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Remember to trust the universe

I’ve been in a spiritual rut lately and I haven’t been trusting the universe. I’ve been anxious and worried, blaming my crystals for my bad fortune, threatening to bury them in the garden or throw them in the bin. Hormonal much? So I decided to do what I always do when I’m in a state of turmoil, I did a card reading.

The guidance card I picked was ‘let it go’, meaning there is no need to struggle or stress, the universe will take care of you. I also did a card reading for Pete and he got the same card. Twinsies! Life has been exceptionally easy since we have taken that on board and everything is just working in our favor. Our abundance of good fortune is back!

I’m particularly impressed that Will has eaten broccoli two days in a row after a 6 month strike. If you feel like you’re in a rut then remember that tomorrow is a new day and everything can change in an instant. You just need to trust the universe.