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Man flu season is upon us

Man flu season is upon us. Usually I’m not very sympathetic to the man flu but last year I learnt my lesson.

I’m a bit of a germ-phobe so early on in my pregnancy when signs of the man flu appeared I decided to stay at my parents house. I didn’t want to get sick so left my husband to fend for himself, well not completely because Kirby was there to provide moral support. After a couple of nights away my mum told me I needed to go home and take care of him, after all ‘through sickness and health’ so I got the guilts and went home. He seemed pretty sick so I continued to stay at my parents and he went back to the doctor and was put on antibiotics.

Man flu
This is what I imagine his vision would be like if he was in a movie and was walking down a crowded street with pneumonia

I ended up staying at my parents for so long I got the feeling my nanna thought we were having marriage issues. My dad also kept asking her how many great grandchildren she had so I thought it was time to admit that I was pregnant. Turns out she did think we were having marriage problems so she was relieved when I told her. My husband seemed to get worse each day and after some more tests it turned out he had pneumonia! Shittest wife ever.

So this year when man flu started to rear its ugly head I definitely paid attention. Luckily all the man flu needed was a day in bed.


Baby Weight

When I was pregnant I wasn’t worried about baby weight, I’d put on 23kg but thought most of that must be baby related and would disappear once I’d given birth. I thought as a stay at home mum I’d be making healthy meal choices and walking every day, plus I would be breastfeeding which helps you lose weight like extra fast. Once again my pregnant self makes me cringe.

36 weeks pregnant
36 weeks pregnant

So I had the baby – BAM 5kg lost. Started breastfeeding and felt my insides contracting…another 5kg down. I started eating yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, fresh salads for lunch and plenty of veg with dinner. BAM another 5kg lost. That of course was when the baby was sleeping longer than 30 minute naps and I had time to do stuff. The reality now is that I’m too tired to exercise and I’m too busy to make meals.

Today I got on the scales and I’ve now put on weight. I guess I couldn’t keep eating croissants for breakfast and Tim Tams for lunch and expect to keep losing weight. I’m 9kg heavier than when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I look back at the photo of me at 7 weeks and wow I had a killer body, I didn’t realise it at the time but I should have been showing that shit off big time. I know your body is never meant to be the same again and certainly I doubt my boobs will ever recover, (they’re already hanging low) but I was extremely lucky not to get any stretch marks, I had a natural (assisted) birth so no scars (that you can see) so I think my pre-baby body is achievable.

seven weeks pregnant
seven weeks pregnant

So now that I’ve decided to do something about the baby weight I need to come up with a plan on what that something to do actually is. Usually I do cleanses where I don’t eat for a week but I read that doing a cleanse can cause toxins to enter the breast milk so that approach is out. I’ve considered lite n easy so the meals are delivered but I should be more budget conscious while on maternity leave. I had downloaded the Kayla Itsines bikini body plan before getting preggo but I don’t have time to prepare those meals so that’s out too. I can’t join a gym because bub is too young for a creche so I need a simple approach.

I’m going to start gently and make a commitment to do the following each week for the next month and track how I go:

  • Walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.
  • Do either 5 push ups a day, 20 sit ups a day or 20 squats a day.
  • Have a spoonful of apple cider vinegar every day.
  • Have hot water and lemon once a day.
  • Have a green smoothie at least twice a week.

Let the weight loss begin.


Overdue with white coat fever

I was 40 weeks on Tuesday so I’m now overdue. I haven’t had Braxton Hicks for days so I think I’ll be waiting another week for my little one to arrive. I had a checkup with the midwife and my heartbeat was over 130 – they sent me to the assessment centre in the hospital because they were worried it might be a sign of an infection. The baby was fine, I was fine and my heartbeat eventually went down so my official diagnosis was white coat fever. They said some people just get anxious visiting the doctor so their heart starts beating really fast. It might have been because the midwife told me that if they don’t induce me by a certain date and I go over too long the baby could die. That was clever.



Maternity leave before the baby arrives

This has been such a slow week! In my role as a property manager I always had a full scheduled day, started early, often worked through lunch and finished late. I’m used to multi tasking at an intense level so being at home is all new to me. I know, I know… relax and sleep while you can because when the baby arrives you wish you had some time to yourself. Easy to say but with 24 hours in a day you can’t spend the whole time sleeping, reading and resting or you’ll go mad.

I approached maternity leave like I would my working week with a to do list to rival all to do lists. Unfortunately I managed to complete it in record time so have now resorted to watching bad 80’s movies while constantly refreshing facebook, instagram, twitter and emails. The pantry is stocked, the house is spotless, nursery ready, baby clothes washed, the gardens maintained (well they’re watered) and my husband is getting gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gee he’s going to miss that when the baby arrives.

So my focus in between watching movies like the secret to my success is spending as much time with my husband as possible and trying to bring on labor. After I wrote a post the other day I stood up and felt my stomach was sitting lower – the baby dropped! I was so excited I started rushing around the house in a frenzy thinking it’s time! It wasn’t though. The next day I thought I was going into labor, I was super uncomfortable with pains that lasted three hours but the moment I decided to time my ‘contractions’ they stopped. Friday I thought my waters broke so I excitedly put on a pad, ready to call the midwife but I think I just peed myself. Yesterday the ‘contractions’ started again but I knew they were braxton hicks so didn’t get too excited and again they disappeared.

I keep hoping today is the day so I can meet this beautiful little bubba but maybe not tomorrow – no one wants to be born on a leap year!

slow week