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Law of Attraction: Money Manifestation

I haven’t written about the law of attraction for a while and to be honest I’ve only been working on it for money manifestation. Every day I say to myself at least once, (often multiple times) ‘money comes easily and frequently’. I especially focus on this when I think I can’t afford something. I try to refocus that disappointment with a big breath and say my mantra and what do you know… it’s working! If you need some convincing then keep reading because this is my law of attraction update for money manifestation.

money manifestation

Money I’ve manifested in the past month:

  • Lady at Lenards stamped all the spaces on a frequent buyer card so I get $6 off next time I buy chicken.
  • Chicken purchased from Coles went off before the use by date so I got a refund plus free chicken (sensing a theme here).
  • My friend picked up a $20 note off the ground in front of us so we got free coffees.
  • Last time I went to the supermarket everything was on special plus I got $10 off that shop thanks to bonus reward points.

If you’re still with me, it gets even better:

  • We got $50 off our next gas bill for changing the company.
  • I rang up Foxtel and asked for a discount and they gave me $25 off per month for the next 12 months.
  • I used my flybys rewards card and the cashier said I got a bonus $100 off thanks to Coles insurance!

Now if I hear you shouting ‘it’s a coincidence you idiot’ then how do you explain this:

  • I found $824.74 in a bank account which was empty only a couple of weeks ago. It’s an account I haven’t used in over three years and I can’t work out where the money has come from because there are no transactions in all the online statements available to me. It’s linked to my shares and I only discovered it because I was checking to see what price they were.

So basically I’m blown away with my efforts, over $1000 worth of cash and discounts in the past month. Oh and just in case you need one more reason to start using the law of attraction for money manifestation. Yesterday I was thinking I really wanted a new pram and whilst writing this my husband sent me a text to ask if we want his friend’s pram, he didn’t even know I wanted one!

Do you use the law of attraction? I love hearing stories about what people have manifested!

money manifestation