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I’m getting Married

In June 2013 my boyfriend and I were in a Jewellery store and I saw a ring that I absolutely loved, there was only one in the store and it fit perfectly. I gave it to the sales lady and said I would get it but my boyfriend asked to speak to me, he took me outside the store and said ‘would you like this to be your engagement ring?’ I was so excited and said ‘if that’s a possibility’. We had talked about getting married before and I knew he wasn’t quite ready to get married so the commitment of buying the ring was such a huge step for us. Little did I know he would keep it hidden for so long! At first I thought about that ring every day. Every time we went out to dinner I thought ‘today is the day!’ Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Anniversary – any moment surely was THE moment? Nope.. It got to the point where I thought it would never happen.

On the 3rd March 2015 I came home from work and opened the door to this:

I'm getting married

I stood at the door awkwardly laughing in shock. I even said to myself ‘calm down, this might not be it’. Eventually he waved me forward. I tiptoed past the rose petals then got distracted by an envelope on the kitchen bench. I picked it up then realised behind it was the empty ring box! I finally walked up to him and he grabbed my hands. He said something but it was all a blur. I was crying laughing and shaking and yelled yes. It was then he got down on one knee and asked if I would be his wife. I said yes (again) and we were engaged!

getting married

We set a date for 12 weeks later and the wedding is this weekend. It was relatively easy to arrange because we had already discussed what we wanted, a small wedding with immediate family members only. Initially we wanted to elope but I had a strong desire for my dad to walk me down the aisle. I still got stressed in the process because I am an anxious person and tend to take on too much at once. I also find it hard to let go of control so insisted on planning the whole thing by myself.

I’m nervous, excited, anxious and emotional but everything is planned so all I can do is let go and enjoy the day. I can’t wait to marry the most wonderful man I have ever met!