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Crystals make me happy

I’ve been attracted to crystals since I was a little girl. They seem to come in and out of my life but at this very moment in time, crystals make me happy.

Every morning when I put Will down on his mat for tummy time I take a moment in the sun to hold a crystal and just take deep breaths. I imagine that the crystal is giving me some sort of energy and I feel so much lighter. Maybe it’s just extra oxygen getting to my brain or maybe it’s practicing mindfulness, I don’t really care because it works. Even if there’s no truth to crystal healing or crystal energy and it’s all mumbo jumbo the placebo effect they have on me is amazing.

I’ve written before about how crystals seem to disappear from my life when I don’t need them anymore and recently I lost a citrine bracelet that I wore almost everyday. I have no idea where it has gone and I’ve searched the entire house from top to bottom. I bought that bracelet at the same time I bought a rose quartz bracelet. The citrine was for winning the lottery and the rose quartz was for my relationship with my husband. The rose quartz broke just before my husband proposed so now I’m convinced I’m winning the lottery.

I often don’t write about the things I love because I’m nervous that people will label me as a hippie or an idiot but I feel like the longer I’m on this blogging journey the more I realise its important to be authentic and if people don’t like what I write they just won’t read it and that’s ok. I did a card reading this morning after my little sun-worship-crystal-session asking the universe if I should write about crystals on my blog and I actually got the crystal card. I didn’t even know there was a crystal card in the deck because I’ve never seen it before. I’m continuously amazed at my readings and what messages they bring to me. I’m not turning into a full blown mystic meg just yet but for now I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing because crystals make me happy.

Is there something that you believe in that might be considered odd or are you a realist that only believes in things you can see?

crystals make me happy

Love & Spirituality

Don’t cry over lost Crystals… they may have disappeared for a reason

When I was little and went to the markets with my mum I was always attracted to the crystal shop. At the time I didn’t understand there was meant to be a healing power behind them, I just liked the pretty colours. I continued to buy crystals sporadically throughout my teenage years and early adult life, always buying different stones for different reasons that I felt were compelling at the time. It wasn’t until Easter 2012 that I started taking notice of crystals again. I was in Melbourne in an Antique store and was attracted to a citrine ring that I bought, later I looked up the meaning of citrine.

“Citrine is well known in crystal work as a success and prosperity stone to the point that it is called the “Success Stone.” It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, and in many ways.” –

At the time I had just come out of a long relationship and was feeling lost. I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, had been partying too much, I was in debt and unhealthy. It was quite fitting that I had unwittingly purchased a stone to promote and manifest success. Somehow the next time I was in Melbourne the stone fell out of the setting. I couldn’t find it and was pretty disappointed that I’d lost crystals.

That same year for my birthday, my girlfriends asked me what I wanted and I asked for a purple ring. They chose the perfect one for me, it was a princess cut amethyst and I adored it but I was at work one day and I got my ring caught on the printer, it yanked the setting and the stone came out. I was able to keep the stone but the ring was ruined so there was no way I could wear it again.

I went into a crystal shop shortly afterwards to buy another citrine ring and told the lady about how I had lost the stones. The woman told me that crystals aren’t always meant to stay with us forever, sometimes when they have done their job they disappear and I should consider getting a different ring. I decided on a smokey quartz for business success and a rose quartz bracelet for my relationship. It then occurred to me that after all the years of collecting stones I have a very limited amount in my possession, I always lost crystals!

The citrine ring disappeared when I was happy in a successful relationship (with my now husband) and had made the decision to quit the job I hated. The amethyst which can be known as the sobriety stone was with me until just after I had decided to stop drinking alcohol and commit to a healthy lifestyle. A crystal I bought to make a fair decision when I did Jury duty had disappeared shortly after, a crystal I bought to help with communication fell out of my lap at the petrol station and I couldn’t find it under the car. There are many stories like this but the best one is that the rose quartz bracelet broke when I was taking it off, the small crystals flew everywhere and my partner proposed two days later! True story.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with Crystals?