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Everybody loves a spa day and babies are no different. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift then this is it. The Perth baby spa opened this year and baby G was lucky enough to attend yesterday with his friends.

Located in Subiaco on Coghlan Road the baby spa is in a beautifully restored character building with parking for customers at the rear. One of the owners, Anita welcomed us and took us to the calming nurture room so the babies could have a feed before their treatment.

The treatment room designed for babies 8 weeks – 6 months is clean and bright with two hydrotherapy pools set to 34 degrees. There are baby massage stations surrounding the room where nappies and bathers are provided for you to use. Flotation devices are placed above the babies shoulders and they are carefully dipped into the water.

baby spa

Baby G gave a few initial delighted giggles then completely zoned out and floated for just over 10 minutes. The flotation device was removed and he free floated with his therapist, kicking and splashing in the water. The relaxation was temporarily interrupted when baby G was taken out of the water and cried because he did not want to get out. He was wrapped in a fluffy towel and given to me to calm down, after a few tears and a brief feed it was time for his massage.

I think baby G thought I was trying to put him to bed when I laid him down on his back (he only ever bathes before bed) so there was a protest until I put him on his tummy. He relaxed again and enjoyed his massage while looking at himself in the mirror.

baby spa

Within a minute of getting dressed he fell asleep in my arms so I took him back to the nurture room and placed him in the hanging cradle where he slept for 35 minutes. I relaxed with the other mums and we had iced lemon water and herbal tea. One thing I loved is that we weren’t rushed out the door, we felt welcome to stay as long as we wanted.

perth baby spa

Usually Baby cries in the car but he was relaxed and quiet for the 45 minute drive home. This treatment came at a good time because he’s teething and he was definitely easy to deal with for the rest of the afternoon. He skipped his afternoon nap which is unusual but went to bed without any fuss at 6:30pm. He was talking to me one second and asleep the next. No peep out of him until 10pm when he woke for a dream feed before quickly falling asleep again.

Overall I think this is a fun day out with your mothers group and I would have attended earlier had I known this place existed! Newborn babies are welcome and have individual hydrotherapy treatments until they have received their vaccinations at 8 weeks.

Check out the Perth Baby Spa here:


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