Toddler Tantrums

So toddler tantrums are just a fact of life these days. Will is 20 months old and has been tantruming for a while now but he’s only recently ramped it up a notch. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a couple of his previous attempts. In one tantrum he forgot halfway through when the TV caught his attention. In another he slowly laid down on his back, resting his head on the grass for a few seconds before getting back up. Amateur.

Today we’ve had a good day, when Pete gets home I will even tell him that Will has been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been tantrums. It was pretty shitty of me to try and wipe the snot off his nose, he’s not a baby. Leaving the park because it was raining? Cruel. I really should have bought him a car when we were grocery shopping, he is an entitled white man after all. Oh and changing a nappy is totally barbaric, I’m lucky he didn’t call Amnesty International.

The scary part of all this? I am pretty sure we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. The best part? I can still say ‘he’s teething’ even if that’s not even true.


Taking the Glucose Challenge Test (GCT)

I know the Glucose challenge test (GCT) instructions said to eat normally 3 days leading up to the test but my plan was to eat ridiculously healthy and somehow cheat the results. I doubt that’s possible but anyway that was the plan. So when we got the all clear from emergency the other night I realised it was 10pm, I hadn’t eaten since lunch and even then it was two chobani flips, hardly the nutritious meal I had planned. Anyway there I was with 30 minutes to eat before I had to fast for 10 hours. Obviously I got MacDonalds. 

So after fasting for 9.5 hours I arrived at my appointment, concerned they would ask how long I’d fasted for and cancel the test. They didn’t and 40 minutes later when I got my first bloods drawn it had been 10 hours and 10 minutes anyway. The nurse was a little intimidating and visibly annoyed when I wasn’t sure how many weeks pregnant I was. I panicked and said 26 weeks, close enough. She gave me a green bottle of sugar syrup which I had to drink in front of her. I told her I was glad it was gluten free, she asked if I was gluten intolerant and I said no. She laughed and we instantly became best friends. The drink was nice to begin with then a bit too syrupy by the end.

I went back to the waiting room which was packed full of grumpy old people, it felt like we were all in a competition to prove who’s time was more important and therefore most inconvenienced by being there. I kept expecting to feel really sick like when I was pregnant with Will and had the GCT test. The hour passed quickly though with only a mild sense of sickliness, I got my bloods taken and had one last hour to go. 

I went back to the waiting room which had thinned out. One preggo was hunched over like she had the nods from a huge dose of heroin. Another preggo was seemingly unaffected, studiously reading a book titled ‘everything you need to know before baby’s arrival’. Cute. I remembered my pay wave wasn’t working so I transferred all my money from one account to another, the idea being that paying for parking would be quicker. Then it dawned on me they were different banks so now all my money was up in the cloud and I didn’t have enough to pay for parking. Clever.

So the next hour over I had my bloods done one final time and left. Now we just need to await the results! Fingers crossed I don’t have Gesto! 

P.S The parking office informed me that if I pressed the assist button on the way out of the carpark and said ‘help me I’m poor’ they would let me pay $7. Lucky.  


Our first trip to the emergency room

Wow, what a 24 hours it’s been! I arrived at daycare yesterday just after someone shut Will’s finger in a door. I rushed him straight to emergency at 6pm, the pitch of his screams causing me to drive in the bus lane and commit a speeding offence. I wet myself rushing in only to realise there is no need to rush because no one actually acts like there’s an emergency going on. Will refused to sit so I had to walk him around and around and around. I really regretted not wearing my Garmin because I clocked up a lot of steps in that waiting room.

Finally an X-ray at 8pm but because I’m pregnant I had to hide behind the glass while two people held Will down, stopping him from reaching to me. I’m not sure which one of us was traumatised more! Pete arrived at 8:30pm saving the day with clean nickers, a nappy, a bottle of milk and a dummy. It’s the little things. 

At 10pm we received confirmation that Will was fine, which we had already guessed because it had been 4 hours and he had started to move his chubby little index.

All I could think when we left was how lucky we are to get free healthcare and how humbling it was to look around the emergency room at parents I would usually judge, knowing that I’m the one that arrived totally unprepared, stunk of pee and was unable to control my child.

Wellness challenge

Wellness Challenge: Week 10

This week our focus is on the law of attraction, cutting back on sugar & getting a fitness buddy. 


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m into the law of attraction. If you aren’t aware of the law of attraction then at it’s core it means ‘like attracts like’. So if you think positive thoughts, you bring positivity into your life. If you think negative thoughts, you bring negativity into your life. If you haven’t read or watched the secret by Rhonda Burns then watch it ASAP, or at least watch the trailer on YouTube. As soon as I watched this movie I was hooked on manifesting and it really does work! So this week we are going to be positive ALL THE TIME. Optimism is our home girl.


By committing to this wellness challenge I was able to stay motivated but once this is over I still want to feel accountable to keep progressing. The challenge this week is to get a fitness buddy. I was lucky enough last week to be gifted a garmin health tracker by my wonderful husband. Although our conflicting schedules don’t allow us to work out together; because we were able to link our Garmin’s we can keep track of each others fitness so he’s my fitness buddy from now on. If you are in Perth then you should look into group fitness classes with Buff girls Bayswater. They have babysitters too so there’s no excuse not to go!


The nutrition challenge this week is to cut down on added sugars. Sarah Moore has an excellent post on how to check labels for hidden sugars. If you have a serious sugar addiction then maybe consider trying something like the I quit sugar program. Use the code SUGAR10 at checkout to get 10% off an 8 week program.


  1. Say a positive mantra often.
  2. Do pelvic floor exercises regularly.
  3. Drink a minimum of 2L (or more) of water every day.
  4. Make healthier food choices.
  5. Practice breathing & mindfulness.
  6. Eat more vegetables.
  7. Go to bed earlier.
  8. Get moving every single day.
  9. Cut back on caffeine. No caffeine after 12pm.
  10. Practice gratitude daily.
  11. Switch from white to wholegrains.
  12. Meditate for 5 minutes each day.
  13. Stretch every morning.
  14. Consciously consume probiotics.
  15. Laugh it off.
  16. Switch from unhealthy fats to healthy fats.
  17. Having ‘me time’.
  18. Set yourself a physical challenge.
  19. Healthy snacking.
  20. Goal setting for when the challenge is over.
  21. Yoga it up.
  22. Cook from scratch.
  23. Practice the law of attraction.
  24. Get a fitness buddy.
  25. Cut back on added sugars.

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram while completing your wellness challenges this week!

xxx That Gypsy Mum xxx