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The Law of Attraction is working for me

I first heard about the law of attraction from a friend in late 2013. According to Wikipedia: ‘The law of attraction is the name given to the term that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.’

I remember when ‘the secret’ first came out around 2006 and heard some kind of wild idea that if you think about something long enough you can manifest it into your life. I knew that Oprah featured a book that was a best seller but I didn’t really pay attention, I never watched the movie or read the book, I thought it was just some crazy fantasy.

law of attraction

For some reason when my new work friend mentioned the law of attraction to me in 2013 I became really curious. She believed she had experienced some good in her life because of it so I read the book. I quite liked the book and thought it was a nice idea to be practicing gratitude and being thankful for all that I have in my life. My friend then told me there was a move which I downloaded from iTunes. After that I was hooked. I started practicing the law of attraction religiously. I was thankful and positive from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. My whole life started to improve. My relationship with my partner, friends and family was better, work less stressful, clients less demanding, my financial situation completely turned around from being in debt to having savings. Life was amazing. I listened to the audio books while driving in my car and read ‘the magic’ before going to sleep each night. I made a list of all the things I wanted to achieve, this is my list from January 2014, the crossed out ones are items I achieved:

1. Unexpected money for a deposit on a house.

I never got unexpected money for a deposit on a house but my financial situation improved dramatically. At that time I owed $7000 on a credit card. I had been struggling with credit card debt since I first got a credit card at 19 years old. By June 2014 I had no credit card debt and had $10,000 in savings.

2. Partner proposing to me. 

I am now engaged!

3. Free hotel upgrade on holiday. 

The free hotel upgrade was to the honeymoon suite at a resort in Malaysia.

4. Free business class flight upgrade.

Not this time!

5. Kirby’s hair growing back thicker. 

Kirby’s hair started growing back thicker after he had lost most of it, almost instantly.

6. Lose 5KG

I previously used to be on a roller coaster with my weight. I fluctuated often but in 2014 I lost 5Kg and have managed to keep it off.

7. Work promotion to office manager. 

I was promoted to office manager!

8. Have an assistant at work.

I also got an assistant!

9. Awesome relationship with partner and friends

My relationships with friends, co-workers and my partner definitely improved.

10. Clear skin. 

My skin did clear up.

So does the law of attraction really work?

I believe there is a lot of strength in being positive and changing your patterns of thinking. I am going to practice the law of attraction again.

Every day I will:

1. Do 100 days of happiness on Instagram.

2. In the car whilst driving I will listen to ‘the secret’ audio.

3. I will write in my gratitude journal the 5 items I want to achieve.

4. Throughout the day I will imagine my list of achievements has already come true.

5. Before going to sleep I will think of 10 things I am grateful for that happened during the day.

6. I will not try to problem solve or guess how these things will come about, I will leave it to the universe to bring them to me.

7. I will be consistent and specific in my thinking patterns about the 5 items I want to achieve.

Wish me luck!!

xx That Gypsy Mum xx



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    June 2, 2015

    Am I the friend that mentioned this to you? I hope so! I really believe in the laws of attraction, and they’ve worked a lot for me over the last couple of years. I got tied down in some negative energy over the last 6 months or so, but I’ve made a conscious effort to shift my mindset back to the positive, and I know I will benefit from it.

    I think even if the science of it doesn’t work, there is no denying the fact that viewing the world in a different (and more positive) light, makes everything in life that much more enjoyable. Whenever a stressful situation arises, I just think to myself ‘whatever happens happens’, and try to go with the flow. There are so many things out of my control in life, I just try to control all of the things I can in a positive way, and put trust in the universe to guide me in all other areas.

    I take a moment every morning when I’m in bed to think grateful thoughts, and I run through my five daily affirmations while I’m getting ready in the morning. One of these is helping me to shift the negative energy I mentioned earlier. Oh, and one thing I heard a month or so ago while listening to a podcast about angels (lol, you know how I feel about the 11:11!) made so much sense to me. They were talking about how angels rarely step in and change things in our life, but if we’re open and in tune to them, they’re the voice in our head when a situation arises that makes us lean towards the positive. The example they used was if you were stuck in traffic and someone in front of you was being really frustrating and driving slowly or erratically, and your initial reaction is to be upset and annoyed, but there is a voice inside your head that makes you stop and think ‘well maybe there is a reason for them driving this way’, and you see things in a kinder and gentler way. That’s their influence.

    Anyway, this is a looong comment. Love your blog!

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      June 3, 2015

      Actually you weren’t the friend that initially mentioned it to me, it was a girl at work but we did discuss it and I remember you saying you did affirmations and that convinced me to keep going with it. I’ve also been stuck in negative thinking patterns so really needed this as a reminder to get back on track.
      Yes even if the ‘source’ of it isn’t real it still works so who cares!
      Funny you mention the angels because I keep seeing little white feathers and feel like the universe has been on my side lately. Except tonight when I didn’t put the thermomix together properly and milk poured everywhere when Pete was making mashed potato. Lol. I have angel cards so that has inspired me to do a card reading.

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