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Law of Attraction – Update

Ok so I wanted to update you with how I am going with the law of attraction. I started off really strong and enthusiastic but stopped the 100 days of happy on Instagram when I went on my honeymoon as I didn’t have internet connection out at sea! I was too lazy to write in my journal (I just thought about each item) and wasn’t grateful for for 10 things each night. I only thought about a couple and then fell asleep.

Every day I was going to:

1. Do 100 days of happiness on Instagram. 

2. In the car whilst driving I will listen to ‘the secret’ audio.

3. I will write in my gratitude journal the 5 items I want to achieve.

4. Throughout the day I will imagine my list of achievements has already come true.

5. Before going to sleep I will think of 10 things I am grateful for that happened during the day.

6. I will not try to problem solve or guess how these things will come about, I will leave it to the universe to bring them to me.

7. I will be consistent and specific in my thinking patterns about the 5 items I want to achieve.

Now when it comes to the items I wanted to achieve, I didn’t get business class upgrades for the honeymoon. I even requested an upgrade with Qantas points on the way there and back but nothing. I need to replace that with something else – Inner peace & positivity. In the audio ‘the secret’ they said that you need inner joy and peace before you can achieve the outer things so I think this is a good direction to go in.

The 5 items I wanted to achieve:

1. Have clear, beautiful skin.

2. Achieve 1000 followers on Instagram by October 2015.

3. Get business class upgrades for honeymoon.

4. Be confident, happy and content with work.

5. Get $1,000,000 Australian dollars in 2015.

I have to admit I actually had a secret number 6 which was to get pregnant so I do feel like I have achieved something on the list! My skin has gone bad since the pregnancy but I am hoping a change in skincare will assist with that. To get instagram followers I really should start posting frequently. I am confident, happy and content with work – maybe because I know I’ll be going on maternity leave in 5 months! As for the million dollars.. wish me luck in lotto tonight :)


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