I was worried about my baby when…

We returned from our first family camping trip yesterday which was a complete success. I often write about thinking positive for the law of attraction but this doesn’t come naturally to me. I catastrophise and over analyse all the time and it takes quite a lot of work to switch my thought patterns from negative to positive. Despite being apprehensive about camping with a baby, as usual my worries were unnecessary as we not only made it through the weekend alive but we also had fun. So what was all the worry about…

I was worried about where to put Billy

In the middle of the bush it’s either dusty or muddy, either way you expect to get dirty. With limited space in the car I had to choose between a stroller, a high chair or a bath and I chose the bath. This ended up being the best decision because the bath was used for feeding, washing and sitting. If Billy wasn’t inside the tent, he was in the baby carrier or in his bath. I could have dressed him in white and he wouldn’t have had a smudge on him.

I was worried about bugs

I’m not scared of spiders or snakes in the bush, I’m concerned about flies, mosquitoes and ants. I saw two flies, one ant and two mosquitoes. Maybe it was too cold, maybe it was a recent bush fire or maybe even the campfire keeping them away but we had no issues. At one stage I did panic as I thought Billy had been bitten by something and his fingers were swelling but both hands were the same so the official diagnosis was chubbiness.

I was worried about Sleeping

I made sure that all his sleeping aides used at home came with us. The only thing I couldn’t control was the light, his room at home is very dark so the bright light threw him a little. He also thought it was so much fun being in the tent, he kept giggling and chatting to himself. He must have run out of things to say to himself because the chatting turned to grizzling and then tears. I panicked and gave him a dummy (after being dummy free for three weeks), he was asleep within seconds.

I was worried about smoke from the fire

I love campfires, there is nothing more mesmerising than watching a fire. The issue is that where there’s fire, there’s smoke, well the saying is the other way around but you get where I’m going. I know that smoke is not good for babies so most of the time during his wake times we were inside the tent. It was actually quite a lot of fun playing around in there. When we were around the fire I had him in a baby carrier so I just moved when the smoke changed direction and we were fine.

I was worried about keeping everything clean

In order to keep everything clean we needed fresh water. My main concern was Billy’s bottles but we had two washing up tubs so boiled the kettle, used half the water to wash in one, the other half of the boiled water to rinse in the other. I used bottled water to make up Billy’s formula. I am used to washing my hands hundreds of times a day, they actually get so dry sometimes that the skin splits. Whilst camping I cleaned my hands with baby wipes first and then antibacterial gel which worked quite well.

I was worried about the cold and the heat

This was the only concern that was founded. We had to leave Billy in the car seat while we unpacked and set up camp, I kept the doors open and kept going back to give him water but I was really worried about him in the tent during the day despite having airflow on three sides. I do think I should get a battery operated fan to blow on him next time we go because it wasn’t even what we would consider a hot day in the bush. At night it was freezing! Billy had on a 2.5 tog sleeping bag and plenty of layers underneath but his little face was ice cold so I cuddled him all night, I hardly slept but at least I knew he was alright. Next time my husband insists on leaving the tent open for fresh air I will not so politely decline.




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