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Engagement ring drama

Some of you may have read about the proposal in March. Well since then I have had a bit of engagement ring drama.

In April I was at work and when I got home I realised a diamond was missing. I was so upset, I had only been given the ring 6 weeks earlier! I took the ring into the Jewelry store the next day. The woman who helped me said that I needed to be really careful with the ring and take care not to knock it and they usually don’t replace the diamonds but they would this time because she knew I hadn’t had the ring long. I felt like I was being blamed for the diamond falling out and felt really bad even though I was sure I hadn’t knocked it. Also aren’t engagement rings meant to last forever?!?

The following week I collected the ring and was warned again to be careful with it. In June I was at dinner and discovered the same diamond had fallen out again! The next night I was at the theatre and when I was leaving I realised a second diamond was missing so I went back in and was able to find the diamond on the floor. It must have fallen out while clapping. That’s when I stopped wearing the engagement ring. I went on my honeymoon and was sad that I couldn’t wear it.

I took the ring into the jewelry store at the end of July, I had put it off because I was anxious about being blamed for the diamonds falling out and getting the same woman who I had seen the previous time. Luckily I was helped by a lovely manager who was so wonderful to me. I explained the purchase of the ring, the re-sizing (by the time my husband proposed the ring didn’t fit anymore) and the diamond falling out previously. She looked at the ring and explained to me that the instruction from the manufacturer was that it shouldn’t be re-sized. She was apologetic and very kind to me and asked if I would be willing to exchange it for a different ring. I was really upset but said yes and I would come back with my husband as I didn’t want to pick a ring by myself.

I went back to the store with my husband to meet with the manager, she told me the same ring had been returned to another store due to a diamond falling out. As it had never been re-sized, she believed there was a manufacturers fault. I said I would be OK with looking at different rings but when we looked in the cabinet I became overwhelmed because I didn’t like many of them and the ones I did try on didn’t fit with my wedding band or weren’t as good as my current engagement ring. I burst into tears which was really embarrassing and I felt so selfish (first world problems), she was really understanding and said she would arrange for my ring to be couriered to a different jeweler to see if he would be able to help.

At the end of August I finally got my ring back but it only lasted one hour until a diamond fell out!

They are going to custom make me a new ring which will take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive and I can wear my original ring (with the missing diamond) in the meantime. I asked if I could get the ring in a smaller size because my current one was too big and they said yes – I went back into the store and the ring wasn’t even the size it was meant to be – no wonder it didn’t fit! I should get my ring mid October. It will be 7 months since I got the ring and the first time it fits (as long as my fingers don’t swell during pregnancy). I just hope it last forever like they’re meant to!


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