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Remember to trust the universe

I’ve been in a spiritual rut lately and I haven’t been trusting the universe. I’ve been anxious and worried, blaming my crystals for my bad fortune, threatening to bury them in the garden or throw them in the bin. Hormonal much? So I decided to do what I always do when I’m in a state of turmoil, I did a card reading.

The guidance card I picked was ‘let it go’, meaning there is no need to struggle or stress, the universe will take care of you. I also did a card reading for Pete and he got the same card. Twinsies! Life has been exceptionally easy since we have taken that on board and everything is just working in our favor. Our abundance of good fortune is back!

I’m particularly impressed that Will has eaten broccoli two days in a row after a 6 month strike. If you feel like you’re in a rut then remember that tomorrow is a new day and everything can change in an instant. You just need to trust the universe.


Love & Spirituality

My lucrative book deal

I know, I know I’ve said this before, I’m writing a book and you’re sick of hearing about it. I told my husband last month that I was writing a new book and he asked me what happened to the first one, basically it was too hard so I gave up. This one I’m inspired about, it puts my gyspy soul on fire and I’m writing it for ME. Anyway enough about the book, I really just want to tell you about this exciting opportunity that I received from a publisher! A real live publisher. Now I know the opportunity wasn’t specific to me because I just clicked on a google ad BUT in my defence that has worked out for me in the past (sort of) so I took it as a sign that the universe was trying to send me a message!

OK so I clicked on the ad that promised a free guidebook on how to publish your own book (Did I mention it was free?!) and entered my deets. I got a call a couple of days later from Balboa press, a division of Hayhouse publishing who publish spiritual, positive books. Right up my fucking alley. SO I’m talking to this lady, she’s loving my book, we’re vibing, she’s totally going to sign me up for a book deal, I can see millions of dollars in my bank account BUT then she asks what professional experience I have (uh oh) and how long I’ve been writing for (shit) and then her pitch changes. She gets more EXCITED! She loves that I haven’t been discoverd, that I’m ‘raw talent’ because does she have the deal for ME! For 30 days she can give me FREE access to the author centre which is made for newbies like me. I can get all sorts of advice from all kinds of important books people. Just cancel before the 30 days and you won’t need to pay $13.95 per month.

So obviously I knew this was a sales call (I’m not an idiot) so I start to distance myself from her…

ME: ‘I’m having a baby so I’m too busy.’ (how am I ever going to write a book)

LADY: ‘Well better do the 30 days free now before he arrives.’ (ooh she’s good)

ME: ‘I really want to think about this.’ (I’m panicking)

LADY: ‘Well don’t think too long because this offer is only for a limited time.’ (it isn’t)

ME: ‘Thank you, how do I get in contact with you?’ (She’s losing me)

LADY: ‘I will send you an email with all our details.’ (So long sucker)

Moral of the story? Stop clicking on google ads!

xx That Gypsy Mum xx


Love & Spirituality

10 Home date night ideas for parents

10 Home date night ideas

If you’re like me and your spare money goes on lotto tickets and cappuccinos you may not have a lot left in the biscuit tin for date night. Scoopon candlelit dinners have been done to death and don’t even suggest a bubble bath, who has a bath big enough to fit two adults in? Well if you also have a small bath then you’re in luck my friend, here are my 10 Home date night ideas for poor people:

Outdoor fire pit

I love watching fire, I like poking it with sticks, watching things burn, It’s mesmerising and calms me. Get a bottle of wine to share or roast some marshmallows. Just don’t put your ugg boots too close or they will melt and obvs don’t set the house on fire guys. That’s a mood killer.

Play songs to each other

I’m not talking corny romantic Romeo and Juliet type stuff, I’m assuming you’re out of the honeymoon phase, I’m talking year by year what songs you were into. I went through a rage against the machine phase, a Hanson phase, a Dr Dre phase, I didn’t discriminate. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn about your partner and it’s fun being able to reminisce about what would now be considered ‘old songs’ especially if you grew up in the 80’s like I did.


Not in a game of thrones kill each other kind of way but in a friendly flirty banter kind of way. My husband loves nothing more than to wind me up and I take the bait every time. Call me gullible Glenn if you wish. I love to banter and I love to laugh but I can only compete in games where there is no clear indicator of the winner. For example; have a pizza making challenge to see who makes the better pizza. It doesn’t matter who the winner is, (clearly it’s me) it’s the process that should be fun.

Meal prep

Now this is certainly not romantic unless you’re partner is the hug-from-behind-and-kiss-sensually-on-the-neck kinda guy. Sorta like the movie Ghost but more dangerous if knives are involved, you get the idea. So if you don’t have a Patrick Swayze in your life, you can put on some good music and silly dance together or simply just talk without interruption and catch up on the day. By the time you’re finished maybe your partner might even appreciate how annoying planning and cooking meals are. He might even stop calling you during the day to ask what’s for dinner because it’s already sorted.

10 Home date night ideas

Board Games

Our (my) favorite is Taboo. The aim of the game is for your partner to guess the word on the card you picked. You need to describe that word without saying key words. For example; the word ‘propose’ you need to describe without saying the words: wedding, marriage, ring, love, promise. So I would say ‘this word is the reason you tried to take my dad to coffee to ask for my hand and he said no because he’d already had too many coffees so you didn’t end up asking him for another 2 months’. The closer you are with the person you play with, the funnier it is. I don’t suggest playing games like monopoly if you have a temper, throwing your mortgaged properties on the table and yelling ‘fine you won, are you happy, I’m shit’ isn’t ideal.

Plan your life after winning the lotto

This is a particular favourite of mine. I love talking about when we’re going to win the lotto and planning what to do with the money. My husband looks up properties that he can disappear to in the middle of the bush while I look up luxury real estate on the river. It’s amazing how fussy you can be when you have a ten million dollar budget. We decided recently that we will have fresh pressed juice delivered daily and a chef that prepares all our meals. We’ll have a personal trainer that trains us in our own gym but we’ll do our own cleaning and gardening because we don’t want to be out of touch with reality. Insert laughing emoji, I’m totally never cleaning the floors again.

Watch your home movies together

Not those kind of home movies sicko. I’ve seen the baby videos on my phone so many times but there are so many photos and videos captured on my husbands phone that I’ve never seen before or totally forgotten about. Last night we went through them all and he has some amazing ones, some not so great either like the ones he secretly took of me lying on the couch with my mouth open, hand in a packet of chips. He said adoringly ‘You were so beautiful pregnant’. If only that were true, the photo was taken 9 months post baby. Oh how we laughed.


I love melted cheese and chocolate is totally my home girl. Cut up stuff and dip it in that soft runny gooey perfection until you’re both so full you roll into bed and don’t even kiss. Tip: If the idea of date night is to ‘get in the mood’ then ‘do it’ first because 1) you’ll be too full after the fondue and 2) you’ll be excited to eat the fondue so you’ll be extra keen to ‘do it’.

Draw or paint a portrait of each other

You can either be a good artist and impress your partner or you could be really shit like me and it is the funniest thing you have every seen in your life. It’s actually better the shitter you are. Nudity optional on this one.

Pretend you’re on Gogglebox

I basically do this every night without my husband even knowing. He’s used to me talking through TV shows and the bad habit has actually rubbed off on him too. He says some seriously funny stuff, sometimes even more than 3 things a day which is usually his limit. Side note: This will not work if either party is watching their favourite show and trying to concentrate. If the TV is paused and rewound or the volume is turned up you know you need to zip it.

So there you have it. Let me know your home date night ideas for poor people over on my Instagram @thatgypsymum. 

10 Home date night ideas
Translation: “Help me, I’m poor”
Love & Spirituality

Crystals make me happy

I’ve been attracted to crystals since I was a little girl. They seem to come in and out of my life but at this very moment in time, crystals make me happy.

Every morning when I put Will down on his mat for tummy time I take a moment in the sun to hold a crystal and just take deep breaths. I imagine that the crystal is giving me some sort of energy and I feel so much lighter. Maybe it’s just extra oxygen getting to my brain or maybe it’s practicing mindfulness, I don’t really care because it works. Even if there’s no truth to crystal healing or crystal energy and it’s all mumbo jumbo the placebo effect they have on me is amazing.

I’ve written before about how crystals seem to disappear from my life when I don’t need them anymore and recently I lost a citrine bracelet that I wore almost everyday. I have no idea where it has gone and I’ve searched the entire house from top to bottom. I bought that bracelet at the same time I bought a rose quartz bracelet. The citrine was for winning the lottery and the rose quartz was for my relationship with my husband. The rose quartz broke just before my husband proposed so now I’m convinced I’m winning the lottery.

I often don’t write about the things I love because I’m nervous that people will label me as a hippie or an idiot but I feel like the longer I’m on this blogging journey the more I realise its important to be authentic and if people don’t like what I write they just won’t read it and that’s ok. I did a card reading this morning after my little sun-worship-crystal-session asking the universe if I should write about crystals on my blog and I actually got the crystal card. I didn’t even know there was a crystal card in the deck because I’ve never seen it before. I’m continuously amazed at my readings and what messages they bring to me. I’m not turning into a full blown mystic meg just yet but for now I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing because crystals make me happy.

Is there something that you believe in that might be considered odd or are you a realist that only believes in things you can see?

crystals make me happy