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motherhood made me crazy

Hi I’m Emma Gibb, 33 year old wife, mama, preggo from Perth, Western Australia. I started this blog as a creative space to share my journey through life. I love to laugh and I’ve been a property manager in Perth for over 10 years. I’m an ambassador for Babes and Picnics Perth which I love. 

I enjoy a good health fad, I’ve been known to add maca powder to my smoothies, drink apple cider Vinegar with ‘the mother’, complete clay cleanses and dehydrate my kale. I can also be a complete fraud at times living on toast and MacDonald’s. I used to be fit but the past few years I’ve let myself go. I’m on a mission to become a fit mum and break those unhealthy habits.  

I believe in the law of attraction, crystal healing and take a fancy to any kind of metaphysical beliefs like angels or the universe at work. I think it’s important to be a kind person, give back to your community and practice gratitude. 

Contact me by email thatgypsymum@gmail.com, snail mail Emma Gibb, PO Box 5161, Canning Vale South WA 6155 or through Instagram. You can also occasionally find me on Facebook.




















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