7 wellness trends you must try

Who doesn’t love a health fad? I certainly do! I’ve done clay cleanses and juice cleanses, I’ve had my bowel cleansed by a small posh lady via a clear tube while I watched. I’ve attempted a lemon detox that literally lasted 2 hours. I convinced myself I’m intolerant to dairy and gluten (I wasn’t). I even attended a 7 day biggest loser style boot camp in Thailand while surviving on a raw food diet… should have read the brochure.

Obviously as a property manager I have no health qualifications and I can already feel my nutritionist friend shaking her head before I’ve even had the chance to hit publish… BUT if like me, you like to waste your well earned money on the latest in wellness trends. Take in my 7 wellness trends you must try… you’ll be tricking yourself into thinking you’re healthy AF in no time. 

1.Supercharged heal your gut powder

wellness trends
From $18.00

A clean digestive system is the starting point for overall body and mind health and this product can help you to optimise the overall health and function of your gut. As my nutritionist would say, the body is designed to detox naturally BUT this amazing discovery by Lee Homes is 100% fossil shell flour (technically called Diatomaceous Earth which sounds super impressive), a food-grade ingredient that is effective at thoroughly cleansing your digestive system by gently removing toxins, impurities, build up and even parasites.

2. Period proof underwear

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From $29.50

Throw out your old ‘period nickers’ because these have a built-in Breathable, moisture wicking, absorbent and antibacterial liner. The liner is barely detectable and wonderfully discreet. It has ‘Light’ (up to 5mls) or ‘Moderate’ Absorbency (8-10mls) and is designed to protect from light periods and leaks during your time of the month.

3. The Bellabeat Leaf 

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The Bellabeat Leaf is an everyday well-being tracker designed to keep your health and fitness on track! Created with highly sensitive movement sensors and secure data backup, it runs all day and all night to monitor your sleep, activity, meditation and period cycle. It also has a fully customised, motivating reminder system to help you remember to take your vitamins, drink more water and get up and move! The built-in mindfulness and guided meditation function teaches you to calm your mind and stay focused.


4. Oil Pulling Treatment

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From $24.95

The Dr Tungs Oil Pulling Concentrate should be used as part of your teeth-cleaning routine, to strengthen the gums and improve oral health, while detoxifying and conditioning the mouth. It is works to alleviate mouth dryness which comes in handy if you drink way too much coffee.

5. Activated charcoal

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From $13.50

Activated Charcoal has been used for many years by alternative health practitioners to support our organ function by helping to remove heavy metals, toxins, mercury, nicotine, alcohol, parasites, drugs, pesticides and chlorine. Drinking Pure Eden’s Activated Charcoal may assist with lowering cholesterol, increased immunity, healing sores/ulcers and infections, flu symptoms, digestion, nausea, skin complexion, arthritis and minimising a hangover.

6. Silk pillow

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Ideal for keeping hair frizz-free and skin smooth and wrinkle free! Wrinkle free ladies! This Pure Mulberry silk pillowcase by Life Basics is hand made from 100% Pure ethical, peace silk from the beautiful Bombyx Mori Silk Worm. Each pillow case comes in a beautiful gift box.

7. Collagen Face Mask

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From $9.95

No this is not a prop out of Friday the 13th. These Ginseng Collagen Boost Masks are designed to promote youthful, plump skin. Made with a Hydrogel material that is composed of 95% Organic Aloe Water and 5% Plant Cellulose, the mask is placed over the face and gently absorbed by the skin. The key ingredients used are Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, which acts like a natural Botox to help firm, plump, lift and smooth the skin.

8. Magnesium Cream


wellness trends
From $4.95

As usual I’m adding in more than 7 #sorrynotsorry – Elektra Magensium Cream offers the brand’s signature 15% food grade potency Magensium which is absorbed through your skin more efficiently than it is through being digested.