8 Must Read Books

So before I give you my top 8 must read books I need to let you know that I have cheated. My BFF over at The Belle Lumiere did all the ground work for me, she read them, she reviewed them, she even lent most of them to me which I am yet to return. The Book depository is the best place to buy books because they are super cheap, do free worldwide delivery and are often quick to arrive.

1. You – Caroline Kepnes

Ok if I had to rate the books then this would be the best. It’s really fast paced inner dialogue (I think people who know stuff about books say first point of view) from the viewpoint of this seriously psycho dude. He works in a bookshop and is so obsessive and dangerous, really good if you’re a fast reader and you get frustrated with slow books where you want to skip pages to find out what happens next. The author announced on twitter recently that this book is getting made into a movie, or tv show, can’t remember which one. I could not put this down. I was hooked, little bit R rated so be prepared.

2. Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes

The second book to you. Really good, he is in a different place, different girl he obsesses over. Ending I wasn’t 100% happy with but if you loved reading the first book (which you will) then you basically have to read this one because you need to know what happens to him!

3. The Girl in 6E – Alessandra Torre

This is pretty hardcore, not for your average book club. It’s quite sexual in a sex worker confronting way. It’s not something I would suggest my mum should read, (she gasped once when she saw a woman eat off a knife on TV). She is a sex web cam worker (the main character, not my mum) and she’s also a psycho so she has not left her unit for years. The ending is good and satisfying, the kind where you want to skip pages because you need to know. The second Girl in 6E whilst not officially on my list was pretty good too. Much like reading the second caroline kepnes you book, you just want to know what happens.

4. Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

If psycho erotic twisty books aren’t your thing and you’re into a bit of drama then this is the book for you. About a group of mum’s with their kids attending their first year of school. They have really interesting private stories and then right at the end BAM it all comes together with a big twist. I read the book then watched the TV mini series (10 out of 10) then read the book again.

5. What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty

Same author as big little lies, light-hearted entertainment. Alice bangs her head and forgets 10 years of her life and everything has changed and she is a completely different person but thinks she is the same person from 10 years ago. It is great because it shows not to take your life for granted blah blah. I mean it’s just a good story. Alice seems a bit ditsy which is annoying (because she has amnesia) so if you don’t like idiots, be prepared for a little frustration. I was happy with the ending, makes you feel all good about it.

6. The Kind worth killing – Peter Swanson

A book I could not put down and read in a couple of days while camping. Just let me check the blurb. Yes, totally remember now. This dude meets a woman who offers to help him do something illegal. He finds out something so takes her up on her offer. There was a twist. Good story. Can’t quite remember the ending but I guess that doesn’t matter because it would have just spoilt it anyway. Read it.

7. Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

I just read the blurb of this book and kinda remember what it’s about but not really so best read the synopsis. I do know this was another book I destroyed in like 3 days while we were camping. I could not put it down and at one point my heart broke for her because what happened to her was horrible. It all comes together at the end when justice is served. Makes you feel better about being upset earlier.

8. Room – Emma Donoghue

This is really good and different. It’s from the point of view of a little 5 year old boy locked in a room with his mum. His language is so simple and sweet and this book was made into a movie which was pretty good too. Not in a blockbuster way but in a ‘I don’t have anything to do on a Saturday afternoon’ way.