6 tips to get your toddler to drink water

I used to constantly offer Will water, only to have him spill it everywhere or outright refuse it. I decided to give up but then I noticed he was waking up with bad breath, with motherhood guilt consuming me I got creative. Here are my 6 tips to get your toddler to drink water:


As soon as Will learnt how to cheers with his milk bottle it quickly became an obsession. Every time I drank a glass of water I would say cheers to him while offering him his water bottle. I still had to take about 3 sips to his 1 but better than nothing.

Ice Ice Baby

Turns out Will loves crunching on plain ice! I just get it straight out the freezer and put it in a bowl for him. He even enjoys sipping the water as it melts. Just be cautious in cold weather, once it stuck to his lip. Oops.

Mix it up 

Will still has milk from a bottle when he wakes up so I just mix it with half milk half water. At least then I know he’s starting the day with some hydration.

Serve it up 

Will likes it when we pour water from a bottle into a lid for him to sip from. Just be careful with this one, you don’t want this to become the only way they’ll drink water. We only do this when we’re out of the house and have forgotten his cup.

Icy poles

Will loves his icy poles, he thinks they are the best treat, even when they are homemade with 70% water, 20% frozen berries and 10% baby spinach.

Try a different cup 

As soon as Will learnt how to drink out of a straw I switched to a straw cup and he drinks more water now without any prompting. He does still lift it in the air and often miss getting water out but we’re trying to break that habit. Will also loves drinking from a normal cup but he often pours too much into his mouth and has to spit it out everywhere so I’m going to wait a little longer before introducing that.