Babes + Picnics Perth

I love giving back to the community so am thrilled to be a co-ambassador for Babes + Picnics Perth, South of the River with my gorgeous friend Megan Ahern. Originally founded in Brisbane by Lucia de Mello, Babes + Picnics Australia has grown to over 30 locations Australia wide and has recently gone international!

Babes + Picnics Perth

“Babes + Picnics is a first of its kind initiative which brings mums and their babes together once a month for a picnic style gathering. The purpose of these gatherings is to CONNECT ~ SUPPORT ~ GIVE BACK. Each month Australia wide we support small businesses and give back to local organisations/charities at our picnic events. Each location has its own ambassador who organises everything for their monthly event, from business sponsors/collaborations, location/date/time and off course the local charity for donations.

It can be very isolating and daunting being a mum, for various reasons. These picnics provide our mums with a safe, positive and purposeful environment to meet other mama’s with the possibility of making new friends.

Invitations are open to all mums, new mums and mums-to-be” ​-

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Babes + Picnics Perth